Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love Mail

I had an orthodontist appointment this morning (I broke another retainer). After I'd told the secretary at the front desk that I was there for my 9 a.m. appointment, she looked at my file and said, "You know that your appointment is really at 10 right?" Obviously I didn't otherwise I wouldn't have been there an hour early. So, I headed to a nearby Target to kill time. Right when I walked in, I saw their overly punctual Valentine's section filled with $1 trinkets. I looked and saw some cute things, but amid all the normal stuff this little guy caught my eye.

Now, when Nick and I first got together, we were very diligent in writing each other love notes, words of encouragement, etc. One of our favorite times in our relationship was when Nick was on a month and a half school trip to Turkey, Egypt, and Lebanon. Not because we were separated, but because we wrote long and beautiful emails to each other on Facebook. We anticipated each others emails so much. Even though Nick was seeing pyramids and other grand sites, receiving my messages or talking for a few minutes on Skype were the highlights of his trip. Mine too :)

After we got married, the message writing died out a little so I'd like to bring it back, and I think would Nick would appreciate it too. This is the deal I made with Nick: whenever we write each other a letter, we'll put it in this mailbox and put the red flag up. Since we'll see this mailbox sitting on my desk everyday, we'll be reminded to do it. And once someone starts the writing, the other will start too. Who will be first?

One thing that's been hard in recent years is growing deeper friendships. Although I've been having a blast traveling, being a missionary, and getting married, it's been difficult to develop deep relationships because of constant moving. I was telling this to Nick and his reply was that I had him. Of course Nick had suggestions of how I could develop friendships here, but he also said that he could be 10+ friends for me! He could be my funny friend, sweet friend, adventurous friend, moody friend, exercise friend, cooking friend, etc. Now, he says he can be my pen pal friend too.


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