Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Movie Surprise!

I bet you never thought we would be the lead actors in a full length movie. Neither did we. But for some reason playing actor and actress was our summer job last year. The title is Time Collectors: The Return of the Giants. It’s supposed to be released on February 27th which is this coming Sunday. There’s a cheaper pre-order price if you want to save some money. Regardless of if you buy it or not enjoy this trailer for the flick.

May the God who’s ways are higher than ours bless and lead you,
Nick and Deanne

Time Collectors [2010] - Official Trailer from Son Films on Vimeo.


  1. The guy with the beard is SSSOOOOOO cool !!!!!

  2. The GOOD LOOKING man that played Sam Adams was also a real good actor.....Hope he does some other films.!!!!

  3. I was pretty sure I saw you walking the red carpet on Oscar night.... I'm looking forward to seeing the full movie!

  4. Apparently it was a screening version that the film makers put out so people could critique it and they could take it back to the lab and make it even better. I got to see it and put in my two cents. It's quite good.