Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Personal Translation of Psalm 147

Psalm 147

Praise the Lord
It’s good to sing to Him about His goodness
It’s enjoyable, a thing of beauty

The Lord has built up His church
He is the one who brings in His people from unknown places

He heals those who are broken inside
He makes safe the causes of that brokenness

He knows how many stars are in the sky
He remembers their names (He was there when they received them)

Our God is amazing and has no lack of power
He knows and understands everything about everything

The Lord not only takes care of the humble, He exalts them
The wicked are cut off from His help (unless they become humble in time of course)

Sing praise to the Lord with exuberant gratitude
Sing praises accompanied by your guitar to God

He’s the cloud Creator
He's the one who waters the earth
The one who dresses the mountains with grass

He provides food for wild animals
He hears the cry of young ravens and is moved

It’s not the strength of horses he delights in (or the greatest help men can employ)
Not the legs, not the best of men's strength

He finds joy in those who fear Him (those who realize who He is)
He delights in those who hope is in His mercy (the same mercy that cares for even obscure animals)

Praise the Lord REACH Philadelphia
Praise Him blessed of the Lord

He is Your defender
He cares for your young

He give You peace among yourselves
And blesses You with the best for your needs

When He gives the word
Time is no obstacle

The beautiful snow is His covering creation
He can cover the ground with frost as well as ashes

He has abundant hail to dish out
Who is His match?

Just as easily He can melt the frigid
Bring the wind and let the waters flow for new life

He has made His word known to us
We know his rules and the consequences of our actions

This is our special privilege as His people
Those without His Word don’t get know what causes what

God has been so good to us!

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