Thursday, May 16, 2013

Not Even Close

“...See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.” Matthew 6:28 NIV

Last night a discipleship class that I was a member of ended.  It was a powerful season where God showed me so much wisdom and invited me closer to Him. I want to share one little lesson here in honor of that blessed class.

Early on in the journey our group carpooled to the Pendle Hill Quaker Center for Study and Contemplation for a spiritual retreat.  We met together early on that bright and glorious spring day.  Pastor Tara facilitated the experience by teaching and pointing us to Scriptures to ponder as we dispersed into the wondrous outdoors. We then had the opportunity to share what we were processing in small groups.  We did this at least three times and enjoyed Indian-ish meal for lunch.  God spoke to me over and over and I saw Him speak to others in life changing ways that day.

What I may remember the most from the day is the story behind this picture...

It was the most unique part of the day. We took a slow walk in nature together ending with a visit to the campus art room.  Before entering PT gave us the assignment to make something that represented what God was showing us.  Throughout the whole day I was intrigued with these little yellow flowers I still haven’t found the official name for. Haven't really tried to hard. I picked one on my way in.

I started out with the intent of painting the little beauty only to find that no matter how hard I tried I was never going to come close to matching its profound matter how long I sat in that chair. In all honesty, nobody could...ever.  Even if they were really good Michelangelo types.  But God just dropped some on the earth once upon a time over 6000 years ago and here they are, still gracing the earth generation after generation. They don’t just look cool, they do cool.  Photosynthesis is amazing.  So much goes on with these little guys.  It’ll floor you if you really think about it.

So I just tried to use my colors as a decent background to the flower.  I hope this little work of mine will always remind me of this...what is so easy for God is impossible for me now and always. Just as I can’t make a flower or even a nice looking replica, I can’t grow myself to be who God wants can make me. I’ve tried and my attempts have ended in utter failure and more damage than good. I’m not getting myself anywhere close to His wondrous ideal.

Can you relate? Let’s entrust ourselves to Jesus, our Creator, Redeemer and Recreator’s care.  Only He will make us into His unfathomably incredible image. Let’s let Him do it instead of trying so hard to force ourselves to be what we think is ideal. May our God of miracles minister to us all today and each step of the way.

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