Monday, August 8, 2011

Thoughts from Kenya!

Greetings from Kenya!
What a journey this has been. Since our last post Deanne and I have moved to Philadelphia where we have been constantly on the move. We worked in a literature evangelism ministry with about 30 others and God blessed us with great success and many stories and miracles.

Now nine of us from the summer program we did have flown to Kenya and are preaching to the locals of Eldoret.There are actually many Seventh-day Adventist Christians here that seem to be much more excited about the gospel than the people I commonly meet in the good ol' USA. These people are inspiring!

Being here and prepping sermon has actually allowed me more free time and internet access than the busy, busy summer program permitted. It's amazing how when you really do put God first some of the other things just fall away. It was interesting to talk to one of my group members here today. He ended his Facebook account because he wasted too much time on there looking at many, many pictures and so on. I told him that didn't think Facebook was bad but pointed out that our priorities determine how much time we spend doing what.

Working in ministry full time with many others who are extremely committed has been a great blessing to me and has added so much quality to mine and Deanne's lives. We get to celebrate our two year anniversary in Kenya! God is so good and I'm looking forward to going on many more adventures with Him.

I pray that all who come across this post will seek God first and see Him add amazing gifts and goodness to your life! I'm not financially rich as some of the locals wish I was but I have all I need in Jesus. Amen!


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  1. Hamjambo, Habari yako? Just a little kiSwahili for you. Both Wes and I Loved Kenya, we have dear friends there now. As a Muzugu you know how it feels to be the minority there! I could have stayed and lived there, I am glad that you are getting to go to Kisumu. It is beautiful there on Lake Victoria. We were in Kericho and other smaller places. Wes has been there several times. May God bless!
    Linda and Wesley McDonald